September 28th

I repost this, now and then. Today’s the day…. Today would have been my mom’s birthday. She would have been 84. Life was hard when my mom was a kid. People had very little in the way of excess. She told us of having only three outfits: one for church, one for school, and one [...]
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Amazing Gall

The latest attack on home schooling…

National Biscuit Month, 15-SECOND Biscuit Recipe!

My family loves hot, homemade biscuits, and this is National Biscuit Month. So, I thought I’d resurrect an old favorite recipe, just for you! Although I’ve known the recipe handed down to me from my families, I’ve also never been satisfied just to do what everyone else is doing. I’m always thinking it might be [...]
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Curses on Cursive?

I just finished reading a great essay written by a Ph.D. who researches the brain for improved learning. His brilliant work, quoted by writers, everywhere, who know the outcome more than the process, reveals: We need to learn cursive. Duh, right? Dr. Klemm states that the activity in the brain changes when we hand write [...]
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In Case You Were Undecided


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