More on the Chickies!

After several hours, these new babes are already putting on wing feathers! Just see!

Five-day-old chick. Buff Orpington variety.

Five-day-old chick. Buff Orpington variety.

Just had to share with those who never get to see or enjoy chicks. They weigh about like picking up a wad of cotton–almost nothing. But hidden inside them, given enough feed, etc., lies the beautifully mysterious potential to become five to eight pounds. About half are hens.

They are much stronger today than they were yesterday. Had to bathe one baby bottom, today, (five, yesterday) and the poor thing nearly got a full bath, it struggled so. :) Did not photograph that one because it is having a bad hair day right now. However, the temp is 90 degrees in their little brooder pen and things dry very quickly there.

The sixteen of them have drunk a whole quart of water. Good babies!

We chose the Buff Orpington variety on the advice of a good friend in the B&B business.

Look What We Got!

It’s so much fun, even now. I never get too old for this:

Baby Chicks

Baby Chicks

Constantly charmed by their helpless yet feisty, teensy selves.

Dr. Gary Thompson: SAGE/Common Core Tests Break Basic Codes of Test Ethics

Originally posted on COMMON CORE:


I sat in the Early Life Child Psychology and Education center this week, watching Dr. Gary Thompson’s presentation about Common Core testing, thinking that Dr. Thompson is the fearless kid in the tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Dr. Thompson stands armed with honesty, science and evidence, pointing out that the Emperor of SAGE/Common Core tests is stark raving naked.  All around Salt Lake City, meanwhile, people play along with the wealthy emperor, pretending that nothing’s wrong with what the whole world seems to have been paid to agree are such smashing, new  –dare we call them rigorous— clothes.

What does Dr. Thompson see as he analyzes the Common Core SAGE test in its birthday suit?

He points out foremost that there is such a thing as a code of ethics for the psychological testing of children.

“Wait, wait–” says the State Office of Education– “We’re not doing psychological testing on…

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Forget Frost on the Pumpkins!

Look what I got for frost on the pepper patch!

Bell pepper harvest

Bell pepper harvest

Cayenne pepper harvest

Cayenne pepper harvest

Jalapeno pepper harvest

Jalapeno pepper harvest. Cannot breathe around these, hence the bag. But DO notice: many of these are striped with heat stripes!

Thanks to an abundant planting, careful tending, and a heavy frost, my son’s pepper patch yielded all these beauties, for the last pickin’. So glad to get them, as our pepper plants did poorly this year.

Thanks, J&J! And thanks to the kiddos of theirs who picked them. :)

Fantastic Movie Opportunity!

The Chance of a Lifetime

I am so happy to announce this! On Huffington Post, of all places (!) is an announcement that will maybe, I hope, rock the nation!

So far, home schoolers like it and public schoolers are reporting a feeling of new hope that maybe they CAN take advantage of this great new direction in child education.

In child protection.

In child health.

And it is so timely, given current events—A real, real opportunity for parents everywhere to be the providers they are supposed to be . . .

Drumroll, please . . . !

A new home-schooling movie is making the rounds. With a home-schooling dad and his friend directing and producing it, they don’t have many funds or much manpower, and will not probably be able to show it nationwide, BUT . . .

They are making a DVD package available nationwide. Glory!

This means you can show it to your friends, to your family, to your church, to your neighbors, to your entire community.


And go here to learn more!