But—I Don’t Like Submission

If obedience is in your heart already because God has been speaking it to you, then it does not sound harsh or bizarre, does it? Puzzling, maybe, but not exactly wrong, right? If you have been seeking God for an answer to submission problems, then these words are worth checking out with His Word.

If you are rejecting this without pondering on it, wait. Keep pondering; don’t reject just yet. God will recall it to you when you are ready. Fear the LORD and the king, my son, and do not join with the rebellious. Proverbs 24:21.

We are to be like Christ. He did not enjoy submitting to suffering, obeying unto death. The Word tells us He set His face like a flint, that He did it because of a future joy. He did not obey and die for the fun of it. Because of this, He can identify with the submitting wife who is not enjoying the task. He was in every way tempted as we are. Yet, He did not sin.

Not sinning is our goal. However, sinning can seem more fun, in the short run.

Sometimes submission causes us embarrassment. Our “friends” call us foolish for doing some task we do not believe in. The world mocks us. We feel stupid for picking this husband.

There is shame in submitting, yes, just as there was shame in hanging naked from a cross. Yet the Word tells us that Jesus scorned, despised, threw off that shame. He refused to receive the disgrace because the Father helped Him. We can do that.

The shame in submitting is because of the WORLD’S low opinion. Oh, the joy that the Father’s high regard for the lowly is our help!

Do you realize Mary’s agreeable attitude toward unwed motherhood gave us Jesus? If ever anything seemed wrong, this would fit the description. Yes, there was shame in that. She scorned it, though. “He hath regarded the low estate of His handmaiden,” she said, “and exalted them of low degree.” She shrugged off the shame. WHAT shame? Look at the future joy and bear it.

Or, as Jesus said, no one can take your life from you if you give it freely.

With all that for introduction, I want to share one of the times I have had to submit.

I mean I did not want to do the next thing, but I did it anyway in deference to my husband and to my God.

I mean I knew he was wrong. I knew that I knew better and cared more.

See ya’ tomorrow! Love, Aunt Vic


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