Another Brave Huntress Story!

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. . . AGAIN!

You know, of course, this means another ‘coon after our girlies . . .

Well, we were not home, but it happened again.

And a certain brave young lady, a true huntress at heart, who’d agreed to watch our house and tend our sweet, helpless, innocent chickens (see them here) in our absence, found a disturbing set of occurrences, just as I had found earlier this week.

The difference?

This gal is always packin’.

And she knows what to do.

And she took care of business, as per our instructions.

And I wish I could be like her.

And I owe her a certain favorite pie of her choosing.

And I am asking you, loyal readers, to HOUND me until I make her that pie.

(No photo with RECIPE? It didn’t happen!)


9 thoughts on “Another Brave Huntress Story!

    • katharinetrauger says:

      Thanks for hounding me!!!! Her favorite pie is what my mom called “Good Pie” and the recipe will come with the photo. Just got home, and tomorrow is a big day, so probably will be Monday at the earliest . . . but make me stick to it! :-)


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