The Nurse Beaters

Read today’s reblog, folks. Just one page over, “Leaving Twilight Zone“. You will find an amazing fact of nurses beaten and otherwise injured-on-purpose while on the job. READ IT.


3 thoughts on “The Nurse Beaters

    • katharinetrauger says:

      Hey, Heidi!
      Well, first let me apologize for holding your comment up for approval! I know you have commented here, before, and should have breezed on through. Hmm.
      Second, I guess I was confusing. It is the post immediately previous to “nurse beaters”, posted on the same day, intitled “leaving the twilight zone”. There you will find a link. However, I believe I should make a link on this page, too. I am finding that reblogs, not having tags, titles, etc., are getting lost in the shuffle, so I posted an extra page to capture attention for what I consider a totally unacceptable and perhaps intentional oversight on the part of those who protect the downtrodden. Totally unacceptable.
      Anyway, I am correcting it all, right now, and will get you going on it in a jiffy.
      Thanks so much for your comment, here! 🙂

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