Well, it’s earlier this year, here, but it’s time for this, again. I will reblog all the parts today, so you don’t have to wait for them. Enjoy!

Home's Cool!


You put beans, salt, and boiling water into a jar, cap with a hot lid, set it in a pressure pan that has a quart or two of water in it, apply the lid and the pressure gauge, turn on the heat, wait a while, turn it off, take the jar out, and you are done. What could be easier? People do this all the time!

Yet it took us about 4000 years or so to figure it out. The idea of canning, itself, did not come about until the early 1800’s. Tin cans were first used in the U.S. in 1839. Mr. John Mason invented the canning jar in 1858.

Before then, we starved a lot.

There are many advantages to cooking food at all. Many foods become much easier to chew and swallow. Imagine eating a raw roast! Cooking also often improves digestibility. Eating a nice big helping of delicious…

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