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The Conquering

English: A settler's log cabin

Take a walk with me.

Place yourself in the shoes of a home schooling mother named Jane, from long ago. You remember the time when the Liberty Bell rang out the good news of freedom in the Americas. Mozart and Beethoven are enjoying their years of fame.

Imagine, if you can, Jane, beginning to raise ten children during this time, in a log cabin in the Carolinas, without electricity, without indoor water, without refrigeration, without a car. Nevertheless, the brave experimental society that is growing around you gives you great hope for the future. Your family grows.

Imagine how you must feel as your firstborn son begins experiencing extreme abdominal pain most of the hours of most of his days, pain for which you can find no remedy. The pain distracts and makes learning almost impossible for your bright child. Every day, your heart breaks a little as you realize he…

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