I’m a very good pencil.

English: Pencil and eraser. 日本語: 鉛筆・消しゴム。

“A pencil is only as good as its eraser, otherwise it might as well be a pen.”                                  — Sharla Williams Orren

A pencil does stuff like I do.

It creates things — me too.

It can communicate deep thoughts — so deep I’d drown without a pencil.

It can keep track of all needed groceries.

It sometimes even tells jokes.

A pencil often works best when it is sharp, as do I.

A sharp pencil can do math and keep track of appointments.

Yet the most beloved pencil often is the soft kind that yields to slight pressure to produce a better work. This type seldom is really sharp, but no one really cares.

A pencil can make mistakes. The lead can break. It can form letters wrong. It can misplace a few jots and tittles. Mostly, though, the pencil is a very good study partner.

Pens also can make mistakes. The ink can blob. The ink can run dry. The ink can smear. The ink can drip. The ink seems to be the main trouble with a pen.

Yet what good is a pen without ink?

About as good as a pencil without lead.

Ah, but enter the eraser!

This wonderful remover of the past, this delete button for the pencil, is most recognized for its worth during times of trouble.

In fact, having an eraser can make me, as a pencil, less prone to mistakes — more relaxed, I guess.

I have a very good Eraser. My Eraser can fix anything. My Eraser makes all things new — a very present help in trouble.

And I am very glad.


photo credit: Wikipedia


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