When a Man Gives Birth

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It happens.

Twice in history it has happened.

Sort of.

I mean, twice in history, a man looked around, could find no suitable partner for life, and his side was opened, and gave rise to the existence of another “one” who was like him, suitable for him.

Okay, we know the Bible, in the book of Genesis, written thousands of years ago, tells us of Adam being in this situation. He names all the animals. It’s great fun I’m sure, but none are suitable. God opens his side, and makes (the Hebrew says, “builds”) a helper for him.


Then He says that THIS is the reason for marriage, that the man has finally found the one suitable for him. Genesis 3:24

He has the elephants for heavy lifting, the horses for speedy delivery, the birds for music, the parrots for long-distance communication, the giraffes for reaching the top branches…

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