Glorious Harvest Colors

Another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

A Harvest Saturated with Color

Saturated with reds

Saturated with Reds


Saturated with Orange

Saturated with Oranges


Saturated with Greens

Saturated with Greens


21 thoughts on “Glorious Harvest Colors

  1. faerylandmom says:

    I canned pickles for the first time this year! I didn’t get to do more than about 6 pints, but it’s a start, and I loved it, and they were amazing. BEST pickles I have ever had. EVER.

    • Katharine Trauger says:

      Oh, I am so glad for you, Tiff! Now you’ve caught the incurable addiction to home canning! 😀 Yes, those home canned pickles are a delight and we love them, too. I usually make one, one-gallon jar for our whole family for the Thankgiving meal, and we nearly eat them all, every year.

      • faerylandmom says:

        How do you do a gallon jar? Would you post a tutorial?

        I’d love to do gallon jars of pickles next year instead of pints. I’ve always loved canning – I grew up doing it. Salsa day was my favorite. My sisters, mom, cousin, aunt, and grandma always got together to do salsa for all our families. Best. Day. Ever.

        • Katharine Trauger says:

          Oooh! It would be a best day for me, too, if I got help putting up food! (Well, I do get help with the chicken cleaning–never have to turn them into meat, just all the rest. I told my husband early on: I will happily deal with any meat you bring home, just be nice and don’t make me turn cute things into meat, okay? He’s been okay with that, although I know how and have done that part at times.) Also, hubs did two canners full of carrots, once, when I was gone. I mean he did the whole thing: pulling, scrubbing, chopping, and pressuring. I guess I’ve probably had more help than I realize, eh?
          Tutorial? I could do that, but not now, since our cucumbers are all tilled in, so couldn’t take photos. I make dill pickles–are they what you like?
          There is a recipe here:
          You could probably figure it out there. The photo here is a half-gallon…

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