Oh, Yeah, It’s Saturated.

Another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge



When it’s this muddy at the top of a hill, it’s saturated.

I know this was not the assignment, but could not resist.

I’ll do better next time.


8 thoughts on “Oh, Yeah, It’s Saturated.

    • Katharine Trauger says:

      Umm. Rebelious…Yes, in the sense that all people usually are. We also are often worders, and love making a play on words, changing meanings for a laugh, and just general word goofiness.
      Do you know the game that is a contest of giving wrong meanings to words according the the meanings of similar words? It’s a great one for kids to play in the back seat on long trips. It goes like this:

      Game–the past tense of “to come”…
      No, no, you mean CAME–a source of sugar…
      No, no, you mean CANE–water falling from the sky…
      No, no, you mean RAIN–the stuff we grind for flour…
      No, no, you mean GRAIN–a large goofy smile…
      No, no, you mean GRIN–a tight hold on something…
      No, no, you mean GRIP–a hole in fabric…

      And it goes on forever until the parents say, NO. NO. You mean STOP! and then they don’t give a definition and the kids in the back seat know it’s been enough…

      Love this game, but my kids won’t play it with me because I win too often. By the way, you lose if you cannot think of something to say, immediately. 😆

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