Guesting for Arkansas Farm Bureau! Yay!

I’ve been growing rosemary a long ol’ time and have two huge bushes I harvest, regularly, just so I can walk on my own sidewalk. I know how to grow rosemary!

What to do with all the loveliness is a different matter. There are very few really big outlets for just one person to make good use of a huge bush like that. Not many recipes exist, or the ones there are, use only a smidgen, as if we are afraid of overdoing it.

I can understand that. But I also have done something about it. I’ve invented a gorgeous new pasta dish that uses about 27″ of rosemary stem each time I cook it. And we love it. And you can read about it right now, if you go over to Arkansas Farm Bureau’s Taste Arkansas site.

One other thing: I cannot figure what to name this dish, so if you want to leave an idea over there, or in the comments, here, PLEASE DO!

And thanks!


2 thoughts on “Guesting for Arkansas Farm Bureau! Yay!

  1. lattegems says:

    Love Farm Bureau. I get their quarterly issues. We just like Rosemary on potatoes mostly. Do you ever share a plant and help someone else get started growing their own Rosemary? 🙂

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