FINALLY It Is Safe to Be in a Public School!!!

Go here. Ignore the raunchy ads. This is not a satire site. Nope. Read it and weep. That’s all I’m going to say. Sighs.


13 thoughts on “FINALLY It Is Safe to Be in a Public School!!!

  1. Momwithablog says:

    This is the CRAZIEST idea that I have ever heard! This is more reason to keep homeschooling my daughter!! A stunned gunman may decide to shoot all the children or a stray bullet could kill my child. I believe that these schools have lost their marbles.
    The other thing to consider is that most school shootings are done by students, so this idea is even more ridiculous!

  2. dianegates says:

    Treacherous times, but God told us this would come. Keep focused and looking up. His return is very near. And keep home schooling those kiddos! God bless each one of you moms and dads who sacrifice to complete God’s assignment to you.


  3. racingmomm says:

    Hmmm… The problem with this kind of insanity is that eventually it will likely be enforced onto homeschoolers. After all, they r missing out on all of the fun at school… Choke!!! Sorry, choked on my words there a bit!!! 😉

  4. KT Brison says:

    Holy Cow. Nothing like giving the shooter another reason to shoot the kids. I keep trying to figure out the logic, but my brain just keeps spinning in circles. How is this idiot in charge of hundreds of kids? I’ve never been so grateful for homeschool.

    • katharinetrauger says:

      Me too, KT! I cannot fathom it. I keep thinking that if a child brought a lunch with a can of peaches to school on the school bus, he could get expelled for bringing a conceled weapon on the bus. I just cannot get around that. And that they have to wait for the teach to unlock the “ammo” cabinet. What good will it be? Totally none.

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