Top Ten Posts for 2016

  1. No surprise, here, the same one every year. Must be a lot of sneezing going on.
  2. This old one, also, is a multiple winner. Must be a lot of homesteading going on, too.
  3. Here we have a new one about diagnosing reading problems. Very popular.
  4. Another new one about how to make a perfect homeschool schedule got a lot of hits.
  5. Kind of proud of this one, which was a requested recipe, and proved to be a hit. And tied with it for fifth place is a sobering one about real Thanksgiving.
  6. Of course, we cannot escape the ever-popular canned pumpkin bread recipe. It also is tied, with a brand new one, written for an old friend, about retirement.
  7. Then comes this horrifically sad, but ever-important one that’s been around awhile. 😦
  8. In eighth place is my second place chili recipe. Yes, it really placed in a contest!
  9. Next comes my analysis of how to homeschool for 20 cents per day. Truth.
  10. And last (and certainly LEAST!) comes this silly spoof I wrote, that stays with me, reminding me not to be so silly. It just keeps on drawing folks in. 😉

There you have it, what makes my readers keep coming back and leaving happy. What a melange! Hope you enjoy it and have the happiest new year, ever. ❤


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts for 2016

    • Home's Cool! says:

      My country grandma did her wash that way. My city grandma was a pastor’s wife and I don’t really know how she did her laundry, but she lived in the upstairs of a St. Louis brownhouse, so I don’t think she did it outdoors! 🙂

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